Indian e-commerce companies are on the look-out for experienced technology professionals having niche skills. Here is a look at five technology jobs which are going to be in high demand within this industry.

Indian e-commerce startup is one of the most exciting billion dollar industries to work with, today. While a lot has been talked about niche, front-end job roles emerging within the e-commerce space like UI/UX developers, interaction designers and merchandising specialists there is another set of exciting jobs demanding experienced professionals who can build and maintain the back-bone of the business.

In a recent interaction, Penny Gillespie, research director at Gartner, who focuses on electronic and mobile commerce industry, shared that digital commerce companies are currently investing heavily in personalisation, social engagement, multi-channel initiatives, content management, web analytics, data management and usability testing. At the core of these initiatives is the need to build a robust tech platform, which is where digital commerce companies are looking to hire experienced resources.

Talking about the key senior tech job roles which are set to emerge for mid and senior level professionals in the e-commerce space, Penny talked about 5 core specialisations:

System architects or Integration specialists with background in complex and multiple, interconnected apps requiring the use of in-memory computing and other technologies that promote rapid response time of e-commerce services would be in demand. This is essential within e-commerce because even a slight lag in response of the website can put off a consumer.

Data governance specialists who are essentially techies well versed with technologies that enable efficient end-to-end management of consumer generated data will be in demand. This will enable e-commerce businesses to leverage consumer data for personalising experience for users on different digital commerce platforms and build customer stickiness.

Experienced analytics professionals who can match personalisation to the customer’s path to purchase would be in high demand in e-commerce companies. With 60 per cent of digital commerce analytics investments to be spent on customer journey analytics in the next three years, this role will gain a lot of significance.

Innovators in product development space who have experience in identifying and building new features, functions and apps related to the e-commerce business will experience high demand. This would play a major role in helping the business stay ahead of competition.

Product Managers who have significant experience in IT companies would be in demand in e-commerce companies. The core skills that the e-commerce sector is looking for in product managers is analytical bent of mind, understanding of emerging technologies, evolving consumer behavior, proven problem solving abilities and skills to work with diverse set of teams and people.